Community Risk Reduction (CRR)

What is Community Risk Reduction (CRR)?

CRR is the identification and prioritization of risks followed by the coordinated application of resources to minimize the probability or occurrence and/or the impact of unfortunate events. Essentially, it means we will take a more proactive role in our commitment to the improvement of service delivery to citizens, visitors, and our own first responders.

Captain Johnson functions as our Captain of Community Risk Reduction and he is challenged with examining, identifying, assessing, and creating solutions for the risks within the community and the fire department through the development of programs, procedures, policies, and educational materials.  We do this best by interacting with you!

Juvenile Firesetter & Intervention Program

Garner Fire-Rescue provides youth firesetter intervention education by request only.  Families will learn safe and responsible behaviors related to fire use in the home as well as financial, emotional and social consequences of fire-setting.  Your child could change their lives and the lives of everyone around them with a single strike of a match.

Contact Captain Don Johnson at 919-772-1550 or by email at to schedule your appointment.

CRR Request Form

To schedule any fire or life safety education for your school group, day care, civic group or business please fill out the form below and someone will contact you to set up a date/time for Garner Fire-Rescue to attend.

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    Check your smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries every 6 months.